App Security Testing

Arisen offers App Security Testing which formally known as Appsec Testing. under Appsec Testing we test the software applications for Security flaws.

Whether you are buying or building software, we help you improve the security of your applications with the most complete and in-depth assessment in the industry. Appsec Testing is simple, quick and secure way to test ur application. Arisen protects you from the costly exposures caused by security flaws in software applications.

In addition to dramatically reducing the effort, time, and cost associated with application security, we provides numerous other benefits, including:

Reduced Operational Burden
we provides the most accurate and complete application security testing solution available. Our service model lessens the burden enterprises face when securing their applications. With no software or hardware to install and learn, developers are freed from complex security testing.

App Development

Leverage Independent & Expert Security Ratings
By our Appsec Testing, enterprises now can gain insight into the security quality of software similar to ratings provided by us which Based on industry standards such as the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), Appsec Testing provides a consistent and industry accepted benchmark for application security testing.

Augment Security Expertise
Small and medium sized organizations often lack application security expertise in-house and find it difficult to allocate resources to match their varying release or compliance schedules.our service enables organizations to augment their development team with industry-leading security expertise and scale their application testing .

Implement Secure Coding Best Practices Globally within Days
Large enterprises typically have the security expertise in-house but lack the ability to link secure coding best practices across their various business units globally. With Our Appsec Testing, enterprises can roll out global security best practices within few days, allowing developers, purchasing executives, quality assurance and security personnel, and suppliers to share the same application security information .