Maintenance & Support

Our service model is designed to ensure availability of systems for use, improve scalability and increase throughput by improving productivity over time, reduce maintenance and support efforts.

Our service model is designed to leverage our process maturity on application knowledge transition, enhancement request management, service level management, problem management and thus deliver significant operating cost benefits to customers.

Some of the key features of our Application Maintenance & Support services model are:

  • Passing on year-on-year productivity gains
  • SLA based engagement model
  • Improve application stability and performance

At Arisen, with our domain and technical expertise we have successfully manage lot of System Re-Engineering & Migration projects. System Re-Engineering is a process of making enhancements in existing applications/systems. In another words, reengineering is the modification of applications/systems that takes place after it has been reverse engineered, generally to add new functionality, or to correct errors.

Our in-depth business knowledge enables us to provide services aimed at improving ‘Business-to-IT’ connect of our client’s IT portfolios. Our suite of System Re-Engineering services include:

  • Application enhancement request management
  • Application Database Migration
  • Upgrade of application platforms

For System Re-Engineering & Migration process the biggest challenge is to understand the existing applications/systems and enhance it as the business demands. With our in-depth domain and technical expertise and industry standard quality processes, we enable our clients to solve complex problems, mitigate risks and meet their business goal.

Some of the key features of our System Re-Engineering Service are:

  • Fast understanding of existing applications/systems
  • Complete reformation of legacy IT systems without risk
  • Migration of databases without risk of data loss
  • Using right tools, methodologies, and templates to create functionally rich systems for meeting existing and future business demands